Services & Clients

We provide graphic design services for websites, brochures, corporate folders, product packaging,  business cards, letterheads, magazine ads, newspaper ads, posters, manuals and catalogues. Our clients include The Computer Society of South Africa, International speaker and author Justin Cohen, 

Sheaffer® ,Bic South Africa and  Conference Speakers International-home to SA celebrities like Parlotones, Prime Circle, Ashley Hayden.

We are passionate about collaborating with clients to create great brand experiences and inspirational design.

We produce work for clients both big and small.
HMStudio consists of a network of highly driven and creative people,  shaping this studio to become a formidable creative force everyone will soon get to know.

Over 18 years of experience across all design disciplines are ready to take your business to its next level. Switch on creativity and see the impact it has on your brand and business with HMStudio. We have made alliances with publishing companies and print houses to effectively grow and expose your business. Our website portfolio shows work done by Hugh Miller through his career in Advertising and latest work by HmStudio.

At HMStudio we believe in intelligent design to make sure that the end product delivers what it promises, we dont make promises we cant keep. With every decision we make, we consider what it means for you – your brand, your budget, your customers, your prospects, your competition and your market.